The Bravo Dance Center Competiton Team is a group of talented, dedicated, and hard working young dancers who have a strong love and commitment to the art of dance.  Auditions are held each fall.  All dancers interested in auditioning should be a current student at Bravo Dance Center and must be enrolled in a Ballet/Jazz combo class of Level 3 or higher.

Mandatory rehearsals take place from the New Year through the Spring.  In addition to a rigorous rehearsal schedule throughout this time, team members take class most nights of the week, practicing all genres of dance in order to maintain well rounded technique in every art form.  In addition to the pre-requisite of the formal audition, enrollment in a Ballet/Jazz combo class of Level 3 or higher, and a mandatory rehearsal schedule, all team members are required to continue their dance training throughout the summer by enrolling in our Summer Intensive Program as part of their team commitment.  Attendance at our various Master Classes throughout the year are strongly encouraged.

In addition to competing, the BDC Competition Team gives back to the community through service, charity events, and performances throughout the year.  The BDC Competition Team gives members the opportunity to experience a team environment while creating memories that will last forever with their Bravo family.

At Bravo Dance Center, we feel strongly that a child with a strong discipline in the art of dance can create a great deal of positiveness both inside and outside of the studio with their peers and elders.  Dancing competitively pushes a dancer beyond their every day comfort zone and challenges them to discover their potential.  Competitive dance is a wonderful addition to your child's dance education while teaching them the true meaning of team spirit, discipline, and self esteem.

For more information regarding auditions and performances, please contact the studio directly.