Lauren Kulp

Lauren Kulp is an Owner/Director at Bravo Dance Center.  See the Directors tab for complete bio.  

Ms. Lauren teaches Princess Ballet/Jazz, Ballet/Jazz 1, 2 & 3, Ballet Intensive, and Production.







Lindsay Keegan

Lindsay Keegan is an Owner/Director at Bravo Dance Center.  See the Directors tab for complete bio.  

Ms. Lindsay teaches Ballet/Jazz 4.5, 6, 7, 8 & 9, Contemporary 1-9, Jazz Intensive, and Production.






Kat Richter

Kat Richter is Founder and Artistic Director of The Lady Hoofers, Philadelphia's premiere all-women tap company. She is also on faculty at Stockton University, where she teaches a variety of technique and theory courses including tap, dance history, and the anthropology of dance. Kat holds an MA in Dance Anthropology from London's Roehampton University and a BA in Dance and History from Goucher College. She has presented research at the annual meetings of the Society for Ethnomusicology, the Society of Dance History Scholars, the Congress on Research in Dance, and the Dance Studies Association, where she was part of the inaugural panel on percussive dance in 2017. Her choreography has been performed in both the UK and the US, including Philadelphia’s Suzanne Roberts Theatre, where she premiered The Tapcracker with her company in 2017. In addition, she writes for Dance MagazineDance Teacher, and The Dance Journal.

Given Kat's training in anatomy and kinesiology, improvisation, and dance history, she strives to inspire her students through a variety of means, ranging from film clips of tap's legendary hoofers to in-class discussions and exercises aimed at improving students' musicality and confidence. Her student choreography has received numerous awards including the Sophisticated Elegance Award at Starpower and Overall High Score at Revolution National Talent Competition.

Ms. Kat teaches Tap 1, 2, 3, & 4.

Wayne St. David

Wayne David is the curricular head of Jazz Dance and an alumnus of The University of the Arts where he celebrates over three decades of teaching dance.  He has been an ambassador for the arts and culture for over forty years.  Mr. Wayne (as he is known to many) is well known for his ability to teach many levels from pre-school to professional.  He has taught master classes nationally and internationally for universities, colleges, public school systems, new arts initiative projects, summer and winter intensives, art organizations, professional dance companies, theatre repertory, community-based programs, after school programs, inner-city dance camps, grass-roots programs, and performing arts schools.

Wayne has served as artistic director, program coordinator, choreographer, national competition judge, coach, mentor, facilitator and speaker for dance panels and conferences, artistic advisor and on the board of directors for many art institutions.  He has choreographed for concert dance, musical theatre, commercial productions and art and entertainment venues throughout his career.  His professional choreography has been seen around the world.  Most recently, he has set works in Liverpool, London, and Chile.  He has received numerous honors for his efforts, including the Louis Beitzel Award for Distinguished Teachers, The Cultures Build Communities Ground Award, The Independence Foundation Cross-Cultural Movement and Grounds Arts Fellowship Award, The Faculty Award for the Unwavering Commitment to Dance Education.  In 2015, Wayne was inducted into The National Society of Collegiate Scholars, the first and only charter at an arts university.

Mr. Wayne teaches Progression Jazz 1, 2, 3 & 4.


Kyle Tanguay

Kyle Tanguay has been dancing since the age of 10 and is extremely enthusiastic, and passionate for what he does. Growing up in Rochester, NH. Kyle started his training at a local studio by the name of Fusion Dance Academy in Dover, NH. Upon graduating from Spaulding High School, he was fortunate enough to join the team of nationally touring dance competition, Dancers Inc. Currently, Kyle is pursuing a BFA at The University of The Arts in Philadelphia, PA under the direction of Donna Faye Burchfield and has been featured in works under the direction of artists such as Amy Hall Garner, Kaneza Schaal, Kyle & Dinita Clark, and Sidra Bell. Some of Kyle's notable performance credits include 303030 (Dixon Place - New York City), The Dizzy Feet Gala (The Novo - Los Angeles), and Luca Fogale’s ‘Half Saved’ music video (Philadelphia, PA). Kyle is also excited to currently be working as a member of Long2 Dance Company,as well as a Philadelphia Eagles NFL Cheerleader.

Mr. Kyle teaches Musical Theater 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 and Commercial Hip Hop 1, 2 & 3.



Julia Lane

Julia Lane is a dance artist currently based in Philadelphia. Originally from Holden, Massachusetts, Julia grew up training at Paula Zawalich Dance Academy and Rhythm Dance Company while apprenticing at Urbanity Dance Company in Boston where she trained under a professional program. Julia is currently studying at The University of the Arts on track to receive her B.F.A. in Dance with a minor in business.

Ms. Julia teaches Princess Ballet/Jazz and Ballet/Jazz 1 on Saturdays.

Josh Polk

Joshua L. Polk, A.K.A., And-He-Lock is well rounded in every style of hip hop and funkstyle dance and has much experience on the theatre stage as a director, choreographer and performer. He is also a very inspirational teacher and workshop leader.

In early 2003, along with three other members formed the company “Faceless Entertainment”. Together they explored the history and sought to gain full understanding of the hip hop dance culture. They are known today as one of the hottest hip hop and funk groups on the East Coast, “Face Da Phlave Entertainment”.

Joshua recently traveled to Malaysia with partner Marcus Tucker. Recognized for his teaching ability, leadership qualities and jaw dropping showcases, Joshua was recently asked to be choreographer for several Artists such as Malaysian pop star “MiZZ Nina”. Through “MiZZ Nina”, Joshua also got to choreograph segments for Korean K Pop superstar JAY PARK . Joshua plays a pivotal role in transforming the attitude towards hip hop in Malaysia and all other counties he has visited.

Joshua dedicated his career to preserve and protect the foundation of the hip-hop community through performance and education. His mission is to eliminate the misunderstanding of a brilliant subculture and return a new understanding to the culture on a larger scale.

Mr. Josh teaches Boys Hip Hop 1 & 2 on Fridays!