BDC Honor Roll

Every year, BDC recognizes four dancers.

Each award is given to a dancer who expresses certain qualities that are essential to Bravo Dance Center's mission.  The dancers will be recognized on stage during the Grand Finale.

The “Showman” Award

This award goes to a student who personifies the love of dance.  This dancer showcases a contagious energy level that is performed both on and off stage.  Not only does this dancer exemplify a one-of-a-kind energy level, but also carries out the role of a true team leader to her fellow students.  A commitment to her classes and studio, true sense of emotion in all choreography, and unwavering desire to improve technique are all characteristics of the Bravo “Showman” Award.  The “Showman” must be a member of the BDC Competition Team.

2013 - Emily Burton

2014 - Helen Raics

2015 - Gabby Cataldo

2016 - Lena Eaton

2017 - Kaylee McCaul

2018 - Isabella Balint

The “Dedication” Award

The “Dedication” Award goes to a student who takes great pride in their work.  Professionalism, willingness to continuously improve, and dedication in all aspects of their performances are all characteristics of the Bravo “Dedication” Award.  This dancer has an outstanding track record in class attendance, respects the studio dress code, and proudly represents Bravo Dance Center both inside and outside the studio.  

2013 - Samantha Shander

2014 - Sarah Burton

2015 - Shannon Coughlin

2016 - Brooke Rankin

2017 - Madison Dedieu

2018 - Ella Hyde

The “Most Improved” Award

This award winner is the epitome of hard work and determination.  The “Most Improved” Award goes to a student who has worked hard throughout the year and has a unwavering desire to succeed as a dancer.  Her drive shows throughout her motivation, respect to teachers and classmates, and positive attitude both on and off stage.  Each week, this dancer tries their hardest and demonstrates to others their determination.  The “Most Improved” dancer shows that practice and hard work can lead you to achieving your goals.

2013 - Kiki McCormick

2014 - Emily Esterly

2015 - Amanda McCaul

2016 - Erin Coughlin

2017 - Lauren Curry

2018 - Guiliana Bitraj

The "Prima" Award

New in 2017, the Prima Award is focused on a student who excels in ballet, the most essential part of any dancers' training.  This dancer exudes grace on stage and in the classroom.  Her love of ballet is apparent to all teachers and students, and her peers looks up to her refinement in this art.  The Prima Award winner realizes the benefit of ballet in her journey of dance, and she continueously works to excel in this specific style.  Like the "Prima Ballerina" in any professional dance company, the Prima Award Winner is a vital part of Bravo Dance Center.

2017 - Emily Ross

2018 - Kendra Pitts

“Dancer of the Year”

BDC’s Dancer of the Year is the highest honor at our studio.  This dancer truly exemplifies the spirit of Bravo Dance Center.  The Dancer of the Year is awarded to the student who goes above and beyond in their abilities to learn, grow, and help others.  This dancer is a true role model in every aspect of dance with a positive attitude and unwavering sportsmanship.  She has the professionalism to accept criticism and corrections, while taking them as building blocks that form her into a true dancer.  She continues to demonstrate dance excellence on stage, at the studio, and in the community.  This dancer is a student who others look up to for not only their technique and abilities, but also their kind spirit and leadership qualities.  The spirit and mission of Bravo Dance Center shine through her dedication to the studio and the sport of dance.  

2013 - Larissa Cantwell

2014 - Anna Strasburger

2015 - Emily Burton

2016 - Alexa Corazzi

2017 - Sarah Burton

2018 - Brooke Rankin