“I am so pleased with what Bravo has offered my daugher, Kiki, in just one short year. She was ready to hang up her dance shoes and thankfully Bravo came to town and inspired her to become more than just a good dancer. Kiki has grown into a humble, confident, young lady. It is more than dancing that Bravo offers the children - self-esteem, discipline, and over all well roundness is what the education is all about.”
— Karen M., proud BDC mom
Finding Bravo Dance Center was a dream come true! 3 years later, my dancer continues to grow in her skills and love of dance. Talented, enthusiastic teachers combined with a strong, developmental skills based program and interesting choreography make this place very special. An added plus is the emphasis on respect of classmates, resulting in a congenial atmosphere for both students and parents.
— Mary G., proud BDC mom
Joining BDC has been an extremely positive experience for my daughter. Not only has she improved in technique, but her self-confidence has grown as well. She feels valued as a dancer and as a person. The moment we entered the studio to register, we were greeted by Ms. Lauren and Ms. Lindsay who genuinely showed their friendly and caring personalities along with their passion for dance. These teachers/owners are both knowledgeable about and experienced in many forms of dance. They emphasize proper technique and offer corrections in a positive manner while allowing the students the opportunity to express themselves, be creative, and have fun. Communication with parents is done in a variety of forms so that parents are made aware of upcoming events and updated on important information. Ms. Lauren and Ms. Lindsay operate their studio in a professional manner helping each dancer reach his/her potential while having fun.
— Melanie C., proud BDC mom
When I asked Amelia what she liked most about dancing at Bravo, she replied that Ms. Lauren and Ms. Lindsay make learning how to dance fun! Ms. Lauren and Ms. Lindsay genuinely care about each of the girls. It shows in the smiles of the girls at Bravo, and how much Amelia loves to practice at home putting on “shows” for us. She can’t wait for class on Thursdays to learn something new!
— Tricia V., proud BDC mom
I love Bravo Dance Center! I have learned so much in the first year that I have been there. The teachers are awesome - they are structured, yet fun, and I learn something new everytime I am there. Bravo Dance Center is not only my dance studio, it’s my dance family!
— Kaylee, BDC student
I’ve been going to Bravo Dance Center since it opened a year ago and I love it there! I was at another school for six years and I learned more at Bravo in one year then I did at the other school in six years. They make you work hard, but help you get so much better. Miss Lindsay, Miss Lauren, and Miss Terri all feel like family. They always tell you to never give up and are always encouraging you to keep trying. They always want you to tell them anything that’s bothering you so that they can talk about it and help solve the problem. All of the students at Bravo think of each other as friends and family and are always there helping and encouraging each other. I love all of the dances and choreography at Bravo. Everyone at Bravo is like family to me. I want to dance my whole life because of Bravo!
— Emily E., BDC student